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for starters, we must get our legislators to tell the ENTIRE truth first. Here is a letter I received from Representative Joel Sheltrowns Aid, Brady that states why he he dont like my idea.-----------------------------------

Bill [QUOTE from Brady ]
We'd never be able to get that passed. When we were working to pass PA 240, there was a lot of controversy about allowing 12-15 year olds on ATVs on roads. When we pointed out that kids in this age range could ride on trails, a number of people seriously suggested raising the age of operation on ATVs to 16 or 18. We were able to deflect that. But opening the age issue again could very likely result in an age increase, not decrease.

The other problem we are having right now with kids on ATVs is the large problem of kids riding ATVs unsupervised, often without helmets in northern Michigan. People come up from southern Michigan on weekends and during the summer and think the law no longer applies "up north". They'll let their kids use the ATVs as toys. On a number of occasions, I've seen multiple teen on 1 ATV, without helmets, racing down the dirt road by my parent's place at Higgins Lake. We're hearing similar reports throughout the NLP and UP. Some of these kids may end up getting killed. Until we are able to curtail this through heavier fines and more enforcement, any discussion of lowering the age for ATV use is a non-starter.


For whatever reason, Brady is partially deceiving the public when he tells you that there were discussions about kids riding ATVs with regards to PA 240,formerly HB 4323..Here is a letter back to his office on July 24th and to date, he has still refused to answer the following letter I sent to his office.

Brady, [ Quote from Bill ]

I was at both the House hearing and the Senate hearing on behalf of HB 4323, and at no time,do I ever recall anyone pointing out ONLY operators on ATV's as an issue of concern for the 12-15 year old group with respect to riding on roadways. I do recall concern taking place about the ENTIRE 12-15 yr old ORV riding group [ not just ATVer's ] operating on the roadways of HB 4323.

I find it very nerving that our legislators have no problem going after higher ORV sticker increase's with no regard to the mismanagement-misuse and abuse of our current 16.25 sticker fee's. But yet,now all a sudden after 19 years of prejudice against youth operation of ATV's in Michigan, they have real issues/concerns when it comes to allowing a youth on an ATV, the same opportunity to ride as someone who rides a Dirt Bike.

Its not just kids riding ATV's unsupervised and without helmets [ I ride over 2000 miles a year on my ATV ], I've seen it many times just the same with the Dirt Bike youth crowd too. On one hand, legislation is DOUBLING the fine for not wearing a helmet [ $500.00 ] so those that don't wear a helmet will LEARN a lesson, and at the same time, discriminating against the use of ATV's by our youth.

Simple put, nobody can legislate stupidity whether it happens on a ATV or a Dirt Bike.

We're giving the youth Dirt Bike riders a FREE PASS in Michigan to not wear helmets and ride double, do wheelie's, tear up the enviro, ect,, all the while, discriminating our youth from the same opportunity to operate an ATV. If we are going to be biased towards the operation of youth on an ATV, than we need to do the exact same thing with dirt bikes-----PERIOD!

I'm thinking you'll receive a lot more responses to this youth ATV issue in the next few weeks.
END QUOTE by Bill---------------------------------------------------


1.Contact Joel Sheltrowns Aid at and let him know by e-mail that you find it very discriminating and bias that for 19 years now, that Michigan law allows the use of Dirt Bikes [ ORVs ] at any age on our trail system's in Michigan,but will not allow the use of ATVs by the same age group until our is youth is 12 years old. Tell him that you do not beleive that it is ONLY our youth on ATV's who occassionally may violate ORV laws, and that it is EVERY ORV user's responsibility to uphold ATV/ORV laws. Ask him to assist with the 2010 OHV Comprehensive ORV Legislation law and add language that allows the use of ATVs by youth as outlined in Bill Gilberts plan. Have EVERY ATVer you know get their e-mails out to his office ASAP.
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