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Default WAY overdue for new youth ATV laws in Michigan

The current old and outdated law [ 1991 ] that allows a youth at ANY age to operate an ORV on Michigan's designated trails, but bans the use of ATV's for use by those youth under the age of 12, should be amended. It makes 0 sense to tell anyone that it is OK to allow a 6 yr old youth to operate his Dirt Bike on the trails because it is classified as an ORV and ORV's have NO age restrictions in Michigan, but if that same kid wanted to operate an appropriately sized 4 wheeler with 4 wheels planted under his butt and is far more stable for Michigan's sandy trails, that now we are breaking the law..This ATV legislation goes all the way back to 1991 and perhaps back than when we were still dealing with 3 wheelers, this law had some merit, but today, almost 19 years later, has no merit what so ever.

How about considering this?

*Abolish the word ATV completely and turn all motorized recreational vehicles into OHV's.
*Allow the use of OHV's at the age of 6 on Michigan's designated trails with certification and adult visual supervision if under the age of 16 years old.
*Put the following age/engine size restrictions on 4 wheelers

AGES 6-9 years old--up to a maximum of 90cc engine
AGES 10-12 years old--up to a maximum of 125cc engine

AGES 13-15--if they want to operate any 4 wheeler with a engine size larger than 125cc and up to a maximum engine size of up to 350cc, they MUST take a hands-on ORV safety course from a certified ORV safety Instructor first.

At NO TIME will any youth under the age of 16 be allowed to operate any OHV that is wider than 50 inches on Michigan's Designed trail system..

The above accomplishes many things.

*It wipes out the MASSIVE confusement of what is legally termed an ATV/ORV.
*It now allows the 1000's of younger youth who are operating Dirt Bikes against their parents better judgement, to now legally operate a 4 wheeler of appropriate engine size.
*It keeps youth under the age of 16 from operating Pick-Up trucks, Jeeps, or ANY other OHV that is wider than 50 inches in width. Currently, there is a legal loop hole in this ORV law because Pick-Up trucks,Jeeps, 6x6 vehicles,Polaris Rangers,Artic Cat Prowlers, Kawasaki Mules, and a host of other vehicles classified as ORV's are actually LEGAL for our youth to operate because they are classified as ORV's, HOWEVER, in reality, they are FAR too large for the use of youth under the age of 16 years old.ALL the above mentioned vehicles are wider than 50 inches in width and under the new legislation, would now be illegal for their use by youth under the age of 16 years old.

What does everyone think?

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