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Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
we use Brake cleaner all the time to wash stuff down at work. one guy I will call "Joe" went to rinse out a 1 gallon plastic pail with brake clean over the oil drain barrel. as Joe wiped the bucket with a brown paper towel it gave a static spark. I was sitting about 40 feet away and the fireball was about 3-4' accrossed right about head level. he's lucky he didn't get burn't on more then a few hairs on his arm and head. brake clean has a few hassards that people tend to forget.
we have had that happen at work but no brake cleaner was involved.....he was sumping out jet truck and our 100ll truck, used a plastic white bucket instead of the metal ones like he was supposed to and the 100ll fumes went up when wiping out the bucket and caught his fuel soaked coat on fire....not a pretty sight in the end
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cunt punt, it's like a reset switch for women.
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