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As a grant sponsor and trail maintainer, I know what it takes (effort) to do the job right with maintenance. You do a disservice to those that bust their butt on the trails by painting the entire program with such a broad brush

And I have also done trail maintenance in the past, I know what is involved and by NO means, am I refering to those folks who are out there on the trails busting their butts to keep the trails within specs..HOWEVER, I dont believe that you are going to coinvince me that the majoriy of our trail system is within trail spec guidelines. Perhaps I need to get out and ride a little more this year to see ALL the ''in spec'' work you speak of that has been done within the last year? Why dont you tell Signman what a BEAUTIFUL job the Grant Sponsor is doing over at the Leota trailhead since the DNR took that trail away from Great Lakes and gave it to a lower bidder. He'd surly laugh at you!

And if you think for a second I think that the DNR is not PRAYING that this 30.50 sticker fee passes thru legislation, your kidding yourself.Heck, I hear they [ DNR ] are asking for 150k to just RUN the ORV safety program per year and the safety program only takes in 170k a year. You can bet your ass that the DNR have a ''special interest'' in this ORV sticker increase!

This new ORV sticker fee was originated by our ORV Board Chairperson and he knows that without some changes, that I'd oppose the sticker fee, so he quietly left me out of any meetings that even remotely refered to a raise in ORV sticker fee's . What he did'nt know until just recently,was that I also had my own personal meetings with various ORV club Presidents to discuss the same issues. I know a number of club Presidents that dont like this new proposed ORV sticker fee.
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