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Originally Posted by Brods View Post
Nice build

Bummer on the cracked tranny case. I looked at the pictures but didn't see one of the tranny torque converter cover installed. Did you use the aluminum cover for a 4x4 with the steel support rods that go to the motor mounts? Also, iirc, the 4x4 700r4s have a stronger case with a K cast into the right side bellhousing. Was the case that broke a K case?

Another thing to check for is if the front driveshaft is bottoming and trying to rip the trans off the motor.
(some GMs have a rod going from a bellhousing bolt to the front driveshaft side of the tcase to help with the driveshaft thrust loads.)

It wasn't the front shaft, it was extended out from it's original position as the SOA stretched it out a little. It was a 4x4 700R4, and the cover was not installed, however I had wheeled it like that for awhile, and street driven it over 30k miles that way. I think what may have happened is when installing the SYE the jack sagged and put too much stress on the bellhousing when I left it for a couple days. I think It may have developed a hairline crack, then when I got on the gas hard twisting the driveshaft off the jarring and resulting failure destroyed the rest of the case. I never have looked to see if it was a K case or not.

Basically I think it was my own dumb fault for trusting my jack.
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