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It is much better if forums are kept private to keep the prying eyes of the local LEO, DNR or Anti-Access folks out of our business.

Then if someone happens to post something illegal about a trail ride, or post pictures showing them off trail, we as a group can re-educate them.
The re-education needs to be done less flames (as in the way Pirate4x4 does it).

People will make mistakes, but as long as they do not repeat it, then in my eyes, they are good.

Now, with that being said, I firmly believe nothing was done wrong here on this trail ride. I think the FS was possibly trying to make a point, and they did not know their forest as they should to know what trails are open or closed.
They have failed to be able to make the trail system readily identifyable as open or closed for the average person using the trail system.

We at UFWDA have a call into Carla Boucher for more legal advice on this issue here. We will need someone to be the primary contact person, so we do not send her emails and phone calls from multiple individuals.

She has been busy with a family emergency, and will let you know when she has returned from that.

Pat Bower has sent her an email I think.

UFWDA will provide the help that we can in assisting with this.

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