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Ok i didnt have time to read the entire thead yet but i thought i would say something.

First of all stuff like this is sad. At this rate there will either be no trails left or everyone will be so scared to use them that our sport is going to die. Im younger than most of the poeple here so it makes me wonder what im going todo in the future. Places are closing left and right that i havent even got a change to wheel at yet!
When i get home tonight and have some time i going to look into joining the GLFWDA.

second, Id watch what you say on the interenet. our local club went though something like this and we had to go to court. They had printoffs of everythig we said along will the pic and vids we posted. I know there were a few things i said that i wish i wouldnt had. Like "i hope i get a subpoena" because guess what, i had one served to me within a day or so of that lol. Im just saying, dont play it off as a joke here because it will come back to haunt you....(not saying anyone is not taking it seriously, i just saying watch what you say)
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