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Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
Ok now you did it...

I test drove an XP, a RZR & a RZR S today...I am torn. I love the power & suspension of the S. its awsome on power & handling without even being tuned in. the XP would be great for around the ranch...thats about it. the trick here is I have 4 other quads. so I am looking at the standard RZR at 50" wide. the trick here is it rode like crap! I was really disapointed in its ride. it rode like a garden tractor at 30 and beat my guts out. my wife goes " I sure hope the other one rides better" (speaking about the S).

now heres my question. if I bought the 50" one what can be done to improve ride and suspension besides adding some nice radial tires?
You can always upgrade shocks, the factory ones are cheap on the standard model. Elka makes some really nice replacements, but they aren't cheap. Do you do a lot of riding on state trails where you can only be 50" wide? Wheels and tires are some of the first things that most people upgrade on the standard model, and most aftermarket wheels have a different offset and will make your machine a bit wider. My old one with the ITP's and terracross tires was around 55" wide, but I had no problems with it on the trails in the UP.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the tire pressure...I'm not sure what the deal is at some of the dealerships, but mine had like 20lbs of air in the tires when I bought it. I dropped them down to 8lbs and it made the ride a lot better.

Other than those, I really dont have any other suggestions...the shocks will be the best way to make it ride better. You can always adjust your factory shocks to soften them up a bit, but a quality aftermarket set will make a much bigger difference.
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