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Default Those familiar with the insides of a T-18 (I'm stumped)

Allright, so I'm a$$ deep into this rebuild hoping I'd be able to figure it all out by disassembling it, but that hasn't quite happened. It's sat for a while (parts in order) and I finally bothered to start working on this thing again and immediately ran into another issue.

I took a quick movie, sorry I mis-named a few things, I was dealing with computer issues as well and was quite perturbed at my surroundings.

YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

The piece that the shift forks go into, inside has what is similar to gear teeth only they don't spin, they just mesh. It slides on another piece that has 3 "tabs" or "keys" (as best I can describe them). These 3 little things are supposed to fit in the middle of the inside teeth and the teeth have a recessed spot for them (the key's have a bump on them).

1. I cannot get the Tab/keys and the outer shift fork receiver ring thing to go on this piece at the same time - I believe they need to.

2. There is a retaining clip/spring thing on the underside of the piece that all these things slide over (there is a lip) I can't get it to retain anything (I'm pretty sure it's supposed to), or even figure out what it does...

... and I know my lingo is atrocious. I apologize.

Here are some static pics:

Hope this is enough info.
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