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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Personally I don't like the idea of criss crossing. In a scenario like Mclovin's pic above, if one strap accidentally comes loose or breaks, the remaining 3 attachment points are still pretty much holding the vehicle in place. On the other hand, if they are criss crossed, the remaining strap will have a tendancy to pull the vehicle sideways, thus loosening up the entire system.

I do 4, just as 95geo described & as shown in Mclovin's pic.
I don't know that it would move enough to loosen things in reality. I guess it would depend on the angle of the criss cross, however, this is the first time I've ever heard of this as a reason and it's may have some plausibility. I may have to play with a board and my nylint to see how things would work out.

My concern with straps on the same corner, is the idea of the jeep walking side to side at all, again, would depend on the angle of the straps and the amount of walk would prolly be very minimal.

In all reality. If you got 4 straps on you vehicle that are hooked correctly to the axles, I think you're going to be pretty okay.
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