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Originally Posted by 87'asswipe

I'll put it another way for you, it is the obligation of those who can help to reach out to those who are to weak to help themselves.

Why? I take care of myself and my family. Nobody helps me.

When was the last time you took a homeless dude out to dinner and sat and talked with him for a few hours (many of them have no one to care about them)? when was the last time you went to a soup kitchen to help out? When was the last time you went into a prison or Juevenille detention and spent time with prisoners? These are things that I and my church do through out the month

Never. So I guess you think you are better than everyone else. Why would I want to spend time with prisoners? They are in there because they committed a crime. It isnt picnic time with an inmate.

To better society, we need people to serve each other. You can either impact your town, city and world, or you can do nothing and have no lasting legacy whatsoever.
This I would agree to some extant.
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