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Originally Posted by 87'YJ
Of course... because animals are way more important than people....
Honestly, you are being all high and mighty with your beliefs. There are programs out there which provide food to beggars. I have seen plenty of homeless people and they arent starving. There is plenty of food available. Why are the homeless out on the streets? They could be in a shelter. In a shelter they have to follow the rules, and they don't want to do that. If you give money to a beggar, your money is going to support their drug or alcohol habit. You can try to sugar coat it live in your fantasy happy helping homeless people land but you are only making the problem worse by encouraging the behavior. My mother's sister is out there on the streets of ann arbor, and I wouldnt give her a dime if I saw her. I might offer her some food, or some clothes.
Also about domesticated animals, humans domesticated animals and now we are responsible for caring for them. At least I know a homeless animal isnt going to spending my money on drugs and alcohol.
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