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Originally Posted by deuce228
Spew more bible verses, but until you sell that scrambler, the vette, and the house and give that money to the homeless than you are no different than we, except you are merely fooling yourself by not following what you preach.
He might give away more then you make in one year. Just because your jelous of his CJ8, vette and nice home doesn't give you the right to condem him for doing the right thing. And him knowing the bible is all the better.

My wife lives in Chicago and you wouldn't not belive that amount of homless people there. Most are just crazy and there are a few with dissabilities. What I don't understand about homeless people is why they choose to live in cold climate areas. If I had all that time on my hands I would start walking south since I know that there is a winter every single year. Spending my winter in FL or a warm climate would be much nicer then freezin my ass off in MI.

I came out of pizza populas(sp) once and gave half a pizza to a homless guy and you would have thought it was christmas. I try to give them food everytime we leave a resturante in the city. I don't think they should be given money since I feel that most of them drink it away but helping is always a good thing.
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