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with the falling economy, assessed/taxable values are plummeting. that means that local property tax revenues are also falling.

further, the michigan tax tribunal (quasi-judicial agency that hears property tax disputes) has had record case loads, as property owners appeal their assessed and taxable values as they feel local assessor's calculations are too slow and/or flawed to reflect the current market. look for multi-million dollar appeals to increase as well as Chrysler/Ford/GM and their Tier 1/2 suppliers all file

The Ford family hired someone with a less than savory reputation, as well as a sketchy track record of not following through on their appeals, but GM historically hires Honigman, and Mr. Shapiro their lead property tax counsel has his name appended to many published cases and likely will end up either winning cases, or bludgeoning the municipalities into a consent judgement/stipulation to avoid very expensive litigation and independent appraisal fees

the state of michigan is, and has been struggling to balance its budget, meaning they will likely cut state-shared revenues to local communities (again). these will further be cut in a few years after the federal census reveals that virtually every community shrank in size as people have fled the state.

even the legendary Oakland County, historically a very strong fiscally balanced form of Government is struggling to avoid layoffs (and keep its pet programs afloat)

given the bleak outlook on local government revenue streams, combined with the aforementioned levels of competition and certs/requirements, you may find it easier to just get into the nursing field
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