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Default State land 4x4 vehicle rules

I have been hearing that there is nowhere to wheel in Michigan anymore. I just wondered when it all changed. I used to wheel on state land all the time in the 90's. I wheeled in northern Gladwin County(Meredith) up to Houghton Lake. I saw CO's on many occasions. I usually always stopped and talked to them even when we were on the power lines, and running in 4wd. They were always friendly, never told us we were doing anything wrong. They asked us if we had seen a certain vehicle because they thought he was poaching. They asked us if we had good recovery gear incase we got stuck.

Now it looks like if they see anyone they are ticketed. Is this all because of the 1994 Public Act 451 and the redefining of the term "Forest Road"? It looks like the redefining of one word in a 1200 page Bill keeps the public off public land. None of the forest roads can be traveled by a 2wd car in the winter so I guess we can't use them then. Most are sandy and not "hardpacked" so a car couldn't drive it so they must be off limits also.

Is this what the lawmakers intended with that rewording? To shutdown most state land to trucks, and give the DNR more power? I was up in the Meredith area last fall and there were locked gates and dirt hills blocking trails everywhere. If they changed the law in 1994 why did they wait so long before starting to enforce it?
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