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Originally Posted by Muddinguy
They all want money. if u offer them food 50% of the time they'll be greatfull, But some of them actually arent homeless I know in big cities people put on an act just to get money from people. <Call BS if u want but i know people do this.
Plus some of the homeless people just want the money so they can drink away their missery. i say hand them a job app instead.
If anyone calls BS on you, they are mis-informed.
The people that are actually homeless refuse to go stay at the shelters and homes set up for indigent people, usually because they can't get along and would rather live outside when it's nice.

There are several people living on Belle Isle in Detroit. How great is that? Big BBQ all summer, Hydroplane races, woods to camp in, no job, lots of returnables, best views in the area, waterfront property, beach, and real bathrooms!! Shit, I should quit my job!
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