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Default Should we really care about homeless adults?

I'm sure many of you have delt with bums/homeless.
We all know of stans ordeall trying to help someone out.
I myself have walked out of a chinese resturant to be asked by a bum for money for the soup kitchen, my response was, "here take our take out chinese food", his retort was, "do you have utensils?" he then walked away when i told him no.
Just last week i was talking with my younger cousin who gave a granola bar to a homeless man that was holding a sign that stated anything will help, to only have him through it down on the ground infront of her.

And now i'm watching Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel, and they were at a food recycling/energy plant in San Fran, they were converting food waste into electricity, and i was sitting here thinking, wow yes we do waste a lot of food.
Heck today was my first day on the job at a resturant, and we threw out tons of food, hell even the staff was offered food.

Anyways getting to the point, if we didn't waste all this damn food that we do, and offered it to homeless people, i still think they would still throw it back in our damn faces.

So yeah, screw them, i don't give a damn about how you have to get enough change to ride the damn buss that costs $.50-1.00 to ride.

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