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Originally Posted by KICKALLYOURASSES
This could be a really great forum if you did away with all the unemployed, alcoholic, trailer trash, shit talking, love child, queens. The ones that just seem to be on here to start shit and nothing else, one of them being the Site Admin. himself!! It seems to me that there are actually are quite a few cool people who really are into the off road hobby, but unfortunatley are overrun by the assholes who are too cheap to go to the bar to carry out their conversations. So instead they "post whore" and annoy the hell out of us who are here to post off road related topics and not bash one another, our posts, or our ideas!! And while it may seem as I am just someone who's been on this forum for some time and am just posting my frustration under a fake user name cause I don't have the balls to do it under my real usermane, I am not. I am someone who has meerly been a guest for quite a while, but has been reluctant to join because of all the bullshit. I'm sure that there are plenty more like me, but just don't want to join just to deal with the . I would rather be wheeling than be on this forum. Hell, I bet most of all the fucking asshole post whores on here don't even wheel!! They Probably can't even afford a decent vehicle, although I'm sure a portion of my paycheck goes to help them out.:stan3:
wow, why dont you tell us how you really feel.

Wow gofyourselvesyourallassholes or whatever you call yourself curious why you are so bitter? I just read the thread of your first post back in Jan and it looks like you really got a nice warm welcome to this site by a bunch of members.
I think someone might have been taken off the tit a bit early...
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