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Originally Posted by Stan
Clinton had NO welfare reform policy.
It was a Republican plan that he passed, and bitched about it until it got public support then he took credit for it.
If you want to talk about usless policy that is hurting the US then lets talk about Bush's "no children left behind" plan.

Originally Posted by Stan
As for the rest of the topics, it's not worth the time spent typing.
I figured someone who might use illegal immigrants for workers would be to lazy to post a reply. Would it cost too much of your time to post? Why don't you hire somone and pay them under the table to post your thoughts.

Maybe you don't use illegal immigrants but if I had a running joke that I did I would sure try to stop that. Makes you look real good. Also, if you do use illegal immigrants are you aware that you are running from Uncle Sam and his taxes or his that your way of sticking it to the big government and their wellfare programs??

Don't get me wrong and think I hate you and all your conservitive ways. You seem to be an alright guy and from pictures you have a hott wife so you can't be too bad of a guy. We all have different views and I like to express mine just like everyone else on this site. Good luck trying to change me and I know I won't change many other views on here but I think this is the worst president in history and GW's approval rating suggest the same.

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