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Originally Posted by jamiesann
you make it seem as though only 9/11 related terror is an issue. The whole radical islam movement is an issue, most of the middle east is a hot bed, and add oil to the mix and its not as simple as you want. I understnad you hate bush and and subconsciously hate america .... but its not just an issue with 9/11. Ok let me pose this question we destroy all remnants of al quada and 9/11 are we 100% protected and safe from attackers with plans set in motion?
So I now hate America because I once again dissagree with my government. I guess I don't get to question the government when I, as a voter, don't think they are doing the right thing. Geez, I thought I read that I was allowed to do that in some old document that's in washington some where.

Originally Posted by jamiesann
No there is divergent radical islam groups all over the world in asia, in england, in germany, in italy, in africa. How the heck can you be so simple minded as to think our government only has the responsibility to seek out those who attack us FIRST, and ignore any pre-emptive strike from folks who havent acted yet. Thats so narrow minded and so juvenile its quite sad really. So in yor mind if a even more radical islam group sprouts up in england or the phillipines or mayalsia should we not pursue them UNTILL there is a repeat of 9/11 .... and then we get CMU jeepers seal of approval.????
No, we should not attack them. If asia, england, germany, italy, africa, etc. ask for our help then sure but once again we don't need Team American World Police. Have you seen the amount of money we spend in Iraq? Once again you think we should attack those who attack us which is fine and I had no problem with going to Afghanistan but stopping in Iraq to fix daddy's mistake is what I have issues with. So yes my seal of Approval to attack any country that attacks us in there.

Originally Posted by jamiesann
Also your a bleeding heart, all the dems love america to be trivialized by the UN.... and thats a big deal to you i am sure that we went into iraq with out UN approval. Well UN already passed a mandate in the early clinton adminsitration and draged there feet for darn near 10 years .... some one needed to act. The fact that iraq in your mind is not realted to 9/11 at the most basic level doesnt mean it isnt a central point in stragey in the mid east and the global economy.
I could care less about the UN. I don't care if we ever get their approval and I wish we could boot them out of the US. They are a huge conspericy as to the New World Order if any.

Originally Posted by jamiesann
Saddam was an evil man, and controled 30% of the worlds oil .... this is all very very basic i dont understand why a "free thinker" like yourself cant see the strategy behind this as a stabalization of the region. Many wars have started for much much less than sadam did.
Yes, I do agree that Saddam is a very evil man but he has not effected my way of life or yours for that matter so why don't we let his neighbors take care of him and if they need our help then so be it. That's right, he does control 30% of the worlds oil, so we are back to that are we? Go figure, a war over oil. Just what the rest of the world thinks and another reason the world hates the US.

Originally Posted by jamiesann
Lastly your precious UN is a joke ... koffi kid and koffi is a theif and the russians, the french and germans all were getting rich so your angle of "us imperalism" couldn't be more wrong. We should just stop funding the UN and it will crumble .... no other nation has any balls or any military worth anything that is willing to contribute. All the UN is a venue for 3rd world dictators to bitch at the great 8 and ask for concessions and pass hollow mandates they refuse to inforce.
Maybe we agree about something. I will repeat myself again so you don't have to scroll back up to read my previous statement on the un.

"I could care less about the UN. I don't care if we ever get their approval and I wish we could boot them out of the US. They are a huge conspericy as to the New World Order if any."

Originally Posted by jamiesann
I dont expect a response since you have responded to anything else of substance CMU jeepers.

I like how you know me so well that you can even think for me. It is sad that you think I hate the US. What I do hate is Americans dying for a pointless war. Maybe you should run for office and help the US with their oil hungery impirialistic, World Police goals! Or you could just sign up and fight for what you believe in.

Edit: And another thing just because I didn't vote for bush doesn't mean I'm a through and through dem. I don't like most of there ideas as well. I sure don't like welfare and haveing to pay for crack babies and their crack head mothers but I don't think it's going away anytime soon. With that being said I did like Clinton's progressive welfare program. Do some research if you don't understand what I'm talking about but it was basically that you got less money for the more you earned but when you earned more money you were taxed less as well untill you pulled even at I belive it was around 18G/year. That number could be wrong. This does not solve all the problems but I do believe it was a step in the right direction.

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