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Default More Flat Towing ??????

OK- I'm sure by now this has been covered somewhere, but I've searched the Michigan SOS for hours on the subject and didn't see much that related to the leagalities with towing with a tow bar in this area.
Here's the details:
I want to trailer my ZJ up to Silver lake for camping, duning, wheeling on some of the trails. I would plate an insure it, but I know for a fact that I'm just going to get hassled by the local authorities (ie wheel coverage, lift laws, ect...)
I don't want to have to load and unload that puppy every time I want to hit the trails and dealing with the voucher system with a trailer sucks.
I was thinking about fabbing up a tow bar so one of the others in my group can tow me (25 MPH max) from the campground to the dunes or the trails and be dune ready. (like less than a mile)
I see guys do it all of the time with dune buggies, quads, ect... and they really started cracking down (read: ticketing) people for using tow straps.

Is this leagal to do as long as the towing vehicle is plated and insured ect ect...????

Thanks for any imput you can offer on the subject
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