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Originally Posted by brewmenn
I consider myself to be a "free speaker" so I'll answer you.

I agree, we enjoy more freedom and prosperity than pretty much every other nation on earth. That is not in question. The question before us is how do we keep it that way. Is our use of our military to push our agendas around the world making us more free, or is it just making more of the world hate us, which in turn makes us more paraniod and willing to give up some of our own freedoms in the name of security? Is an economic policy that seems to be making the rich richer and the poor poorer the best thing for our long term prosperity, or should we be doing more to insure that there continues to be a "middle class" in this country? Is an energy policy that ignores that we're using limited resources at an ever increasing rate the best for our long term prosperity, or are we like a runaway train speeding down a dead end track, blissfully unaware of our predicament? Sooner or later we need to either pull the brake or find another track.

I don't know the answers, all I know now is the questions.
My thought on this is yes we are the so called top nation at this time, so were other countries in the past. when you are on top if it is in business or as a nation there is always some one or some other country trying to Knock you off. I think this is only human. How do you stay on top??? I Do not know the answer or I would run for office myself.
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