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Originally Posted by jamiesann
i dont hate any ethnic group .... any hatred of a sub group like ILLEGAL immigrants is their fault. I am hispanic i love spanish folks, blacks, jews everyone. But just because i am hispanic doesnt mean i turn a blind eye towards the spanish illegals. They bother the hell out of me, jsut bringing up amnesty makes me seriously pissed. I am an american first. My grandparents and great grandparents came here legally ... i wish the illegals the best of luck in their home land. Fill out the paper work and get in US legally, or do some god damn protesting in mexico guatamala honduras panama etc. AND CHANGE YOUR COUNTRY. Cause i seriously cant handle years and years of criminal thiefing illegals openingly protesting on our streets. Freedom of speech is for AMERICANS

Yeah, I'd have to agree with most of that. I to am bothered by these people that think they have the right to sneak acrossed our borders, break our laws, and then protest about how thier treated.

i would just point out that most of these illegals are Mexicans, I don't think theres many illegals coming here from Spain. Spainish is the language they speak, not thier nationallity.
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