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Originally Posted by Miffy
I have a question for all you free speakers..
Would you say that anyone in this country can work and support themselves? Or it is only a chosen few that can make a living in this country and enjoy the freedoms? Can you get in your car and drive anyplace in the U.S.A? Or are you checked from town to town or state by state? I was surprised when we went to Mexico a few years back that when they change State lines or what ever there call down there , We seen guys with Ossies standing at what would be State lines here in the States?? and they were also at the Air Ports etc.

I guess my point is most don't relise how great we do have it compared to the rest of the world. As far as blaming any one Pres. they have to go through the goverment befor they can even wipe there bottoms so if your upset is it not WE the People that you should be upset with? because WE the people are the ones putting them in office and letting the Spoiled Politics of this country get away with what we disaprove of??
I consider myself to be a "free speaker" so I'll answer you.

I agree, we enjoy more freedom and prosperity than pretty much every other nation on earth. That is not in question. The question before us is how do we keep it that way. Is our use of our military to push our agendas around the world making us more free, or is it just making more of the world hate us, which in turn makes us more paraniod and willing to give up some of our own freedoms in the name of security? Is an economic policy that seems to be making the rich richer and the poor poorer the best thing for our long term prosperity, or should we be doing more to insure that there continues to be a "middle class" in this country? Is an energy policy that ignores that we're using limited resources at an ever increasing rate the best for our long term prosperity, or are we like a runaway train speeding down a dead end track, blissfully unaware of our predicament? Sooner or later we need to either pull the brake or find another track.

I don't know the answers, all I know now is the questions.
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