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Default Project: 3/4 ton keepin it low ZJ

Scroll down for current as of 11/16

I'm back at my dads for the summer, and he's acquired alot of vehicles over the years, so naturally I need to build me a toy Part of the collection are 4 jeeps (3 grands, 1 cherokee) and an exploder with an 8.8. Hmmm, I think I'm onto something here. The cherokee is too rusty so I gotta use a grand. I Originally planned on doing a cheapo F>R coil swap, keep the stock control arms so it rides like total crap, do some trimming and smashing, then roll on 33's. But then I actually pulled my head from my ass, realized I'd be pissed within a month and would have to upgrade and redo everything, spending more $$. I may be cheap, but I'm not stupid and don't want to pay to boost it twice. So WTH, I'm going all out and linking it on both ends right from the start. Oh BTW, this is my first offroad toy build....and it's going to be a budget build to boot. I'm in my last year of college and it's not that I'm broke, but I have too many hobbies to waste money on. Good thing I can do some decent fab work. I refuse to buy kits for something I can fab much cheaper and have it work the same or better.

The Heep. 93 grand, 4.0 auto, NP 242, fubbard D35. Underneath is clean, no obvious exterior body cancer, interior is complete and just needs a decent cleaning. Overall pretty nice. Price: FREE. Well, technically all my dad has into it is the $$ he didn't get from not taking it for scrap.

The cherokee I'm stealing a HP D30 from. It's getting a low pinion D30 and will be sold as a runner. Fawk Wisconsin road salt and the resulting rusted...err I mean basically welded, bolts. Getting that out without just cutting everything sucked! I met this months blood loss quota in one day.

Dumb plastic cladding goes away.

I should rename this project: cancer ZJ.

Oh well, I wanted to do rock sliders anyways. I've got an idea of how I'm going to do them. Basically cut that rot out and weld in some beef.

bottom of the B pillar inside the rockers. I call that structural integrity.

Under the A pillar

I didn't buy cutoff disks, and I only had one, so I couldn't go nuts until tomorrow. Did a tiny bit of rear trimming before the disk got too small. When I get more disks it'll be time to start fabbing up a low profile bumper/integrated hitch, and hack off more rot. I think the fuel tank hangs down too low...that'll have to get addressed someday.

Pretty isn't it? Ok, not really. It's a stock, hacked up, bumper missing, crappy painted, blown up D35, ZJ. Don't worry not for long. My plans ALL changed when I found a decent deal on more then enough new, 3/4" thread heim joints to 4 link.

Plans are:

- rear double triangulated 4 linked Ferd 8.8, Lincoln locker
- front 3 link, HP D30, open for now
- 4.88 gears (maybe, haven't bought these quite yet as I need to find matching cheap ratios front AND back)
- ~35" tires. I've got some 33's I can rock for now
- slim bumpers that maximize approach angle. Up front I've got a nifty idea for an above average ZJ approach angle that won't leave the radiator exposed either....will have to see how it actually works out.

So there's my start. More to come in the next few weeks. First thing is to get my dads butt in gear and have him clear crap off the concrete so I don't have to roll in the dirt anymore!!!

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