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Originally Posted by llxRanger View Post
No I say we because I am from south. Wow that takes much common sense.
Every person from the south has something to do with it. We still get 3rd grade insults from morons like you about it. Like the south lost get over it. Read facts understand why the south lost. It was a surrender. So us southern people still deal with people like you. About south lost get over it blah fucking blah. So I believe that would make it carry on. I didnt start this post to get a fucking story about what YOU think happend with the civil war. I asked if it was illegal. Just get on with your life. If I am so "Hillbilly" and such a loser. Quit posting in here. You're having very little result. Get on with your life. Your real one. Not an internet one.

And wow
Hillbilly ass classic insult.

So because you are from the south, however currently not living there but you are allowed to say WE and speak for the entire south about how YOU(meaning the south this time) fought a valiant and courageous battle against US(meaning me and the rest of the people that live in the north. I’m from the north so its okay) but lost because YOU surrendered? I pretty sure all battles are lost through either to surrender or attrition. So what facts do I(I am referring to myself this time not the whole north) have to learn now?

And let me get another thing straight, because you were born in a certain geographical location, which you personally had no empirical control over, in a time period far removed from the argument you are trying to make suddenly you had something to do with the outcome of the civil war?

And lastly my Grandpa invented the “Cobb Salad” and I never once posted anything about what I think happened in the civil war, you hillbilly.
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