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Originally Posted by All5ofus View Post
Does the Bible Speak of Dinosaurs? If so what happened to them?
God created dinosaurs at the same time He created all of the other animals (Gen 1:20-21). The book of Job speaks of a dinosaur (Job 40:15-24). The writer is not speaking of a hippo here. When did you last see a hippo with a tail as big as a cedar tree (vs17)? Dragons and leviathan (a large sea monster), are mentioned in the Bible. Throughout history dinosaurs have been sighted. They have always existed with man up until they became extinct. We even have fossilized records of a manís footprint inside of a dinosaurís track. After Noahís flood many not all became extinct. When most of the earth became very cold (ice age), many died. Atmospheric pressure changes after the flood also impacted the lives of many. The large body masses of many dinosaurs were not able to sustain a proper blood flow of oxygen because of the small hearts they had. People also hunted them that also contributed to their demise.

Donít animals become extinct today? Of course they do.
Well put, I cannot understand how people in general can believe in evolution. It is all around us, drawings in caves, maybe the dinosaurs drew themselves, ummmm, no man saw what he saw and painted it on the wall for others to see. But you will not find these pictures in history books in our schools. The media is trying very hard to keep God out of the schools as to push a different agenda.. the evolution, darwin agenda which do not stand up to science
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