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Originally Posted by cmujeeper
It sure does bother me. Hopefully I'll be able to get a job after two more years of a bush run economy. Also, I'm not the only superior, free-thinking individual. Have you seen Ws approval rating? I guess I agree with the majority of the country.
It'll work out ok; Just be sure to take your good college education and get a high paying job so when your liberal Democrat gets in office (s)he can take all your wages and put them into some stupid, under planned, abused,and failing social program.

Basically just be like most of Saginaw and and use the welfare security net; Drop out of school, never even look at college (except the BB game on the living room big screen), Have section 8 pay the rent, a Bridge card for food (or trade it for 35 cents on the dollar @ your neighborhood Al-Qaida mini mart), sell crack or the drug of your choice so your suspended/unlicensed ass can buy that 07' 300C with 24" spinners (no insurance/improper plate of course) you'll probably get shot to death in.

Just be sure if your not the "right" race you don't piss off the affirmative action hired welfare office worker, or your honest, deserving, fell on hard times butt will be busting at a low paying job without any assistance to support your family or send you back to school.

This is not opinion, just honest observations I've seen from working within the "system" here in Michigan.
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