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Originally Posted by mikesova
can i borrow your book on why gay men can't adopt?

No but your welcome to try to call some adoption agencies or the state and see if you can adpot.(assuming your single, or if your not say you are on the phone) and then please report back to us if you get told as a single man you can't adopt. With the exception of adopting say an orphaned family member i think its virtaully impossible for a single male, homo or hetro to adopt a child. I didn't make the rules. Try to see if you can even foster one single kid as a single male for a few months.

I bet you can't get a job as babysitter/nanny either. Call on some ads in the paper and say you have these awsome reference and you have a degree in child developement and you are a teacher .... i bet you get zero call backs, and lots of phones hung up on you. You cant use friends or family. I mean people that dont know you and are seeking a nanny. You will not even find that easy to do. The reason i said gays can't adopt is because its hardfor a healthy regular nuclear family to get a child. If your not married (which how many states can a gay get married in) you functionally can not be a parent since you cant make a kid and no one will give you one. I DID NOT SAY GAYS WERE BAD PEOPLE OR BAD PARENTS.

I don't know this is 100 % true in all states, but i am sure that most of them will not let a single male adopt a kid. I t doesnt matter if you have a sex crime history or not , jsut being a male puts you undersuspicion. If any of the states will let you adopt i am sure it would take you much longer to get a kid than if you were married.

Back to the subject of putting gay pride stickers on peoples jeeps and outing them.

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