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The LD28 is naturally aspirated. I do not think Nissan ever turbocharged this engine but I only know it as used in the 810. If you are genuinely interested in turbocharging you might want to look for a used copy of Hugh MacInnes book(s) or possibly Corky Bell's book. A low pressure turbo charger would be useful for fuel economy gains and reduce engine noise because it would close the intake/exhaust path. However, this would require removal of at least 1 mm/.039" from the piston crown because this is an indirect injection diesel engine. In turn, the geometric compression ratio is ~21:1-22:1. You would want to reduce this to ~16:1 or 17:1 with turbo charging to prevent from melting pistons.

No transmission or transfer case. I have seen both automatic and the 5-speed manual as well as the transfer case that mates directly to these engines but I was not concerned with this. I was going to fabricate the bell housing so that this would mate to my AX-15 because it is strong enough. A salvage yard in Detroit called Mitch's had the transmissions & transfer cases used with the LD28 but I never pursued these. I doubt their is much inteterest in these drivetrain parts so they may still have them. I think a compact Nissan pickup truck used to have these same drivetrain parts but I cannot remember what it was called.

After posting this ad and "bumping" it I remembered I do have a Nissan 810 service manual. I should also have the electronics for the glow plug heating. However, I am uncertain where these items are but they must be here.

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