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Yesterday CTB2 stopped by and helped me put a tire on a rim. I moved my lower mounts on the frame out 1" to get my links away from the frame and picked up another 1.5" of uptravel I also had to remove a little material from my motor mount for the upper to clear. I put the grill/rad in place to see what my clearance looked like for my track bar. I checked for tire issues at that time as well. Seems to lay in nicely. I'm going to have to find a way to drop the grill 1" after the frame unkinking. I also have about 1/4" of interference from my pitman arm to the bottom of the radiator. I'll deal with that when I get there. Pic of it last night:

This morning I made a run to Alro for some steel. Picked up some 2.5" square x .25 wall tube for trackbar brackets. Also got some 16 gauge sheet steel for fenders/floor/gas tank. I picked up an 8' pc of 1/4" x 4" for misc brackets. I also had to get 2' of 1.25 x .25wall DOM for my drag link.......$26 for the drag link They didn't have anything I could use in the drop section unfortunately. My tie rod is 4' and 1.75x.38 wall and that was only $40 because it was a drop Today's list, welded 14B truss to the axle, cleaned up truss. Moved 14B into place. Pwilson22000 came over and bent up a dead sexy track bar for me. I really like how that turned out

At full compression:

I had to clearance my D60 cover for my tie rod during full steering lock. To do that I had to put my diff cover together DIY D60 front cover from Ruffstuff Specialties. These covers are beef!

Once I had it welded up it took me about 2 hours and about 50 times putting the tie rod on and off to get the clearance ground in. I put a tire on to check the steering at full lock, it's about 1/16" from the steering stop and my tire is just starting to touch my lower link. I'm happy that turned out too. Trackbar frame side bracket is tacked on. I need to attach the trackbar to the axle and cycle the suspension. Then I can burn everything on the front axle home. I have a lovely 17 day weekend due to being forced to "purchase" 2 weeks vacation time. I'll keep taking it one day at a time. Feels good to finally start burning stuff home for good
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