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shitty thing is i dont even have choice other than comcast where i live. It blows comcast is owned by those hippocrit brothers/father son team from phillidelphia right HAL9000 they acted all reglious all the time and turns out they were stealing money. Comcast sucks. All the big utiliites exist in a world on non competition and non response to customers needs and still make money. Just rteading this is making me furious hal9000

You guys know why you couldnt get local channels on your satalite tv when i came out in 1997 ? Cuase of comcast and the other big cable companies, bought off law makers and had bills written to make it illegal to provide you with your local broadcast channel on a MULTI HUNDRED CHANNEL system you cant get nbc, cbc,abc, cbs, fox, upn, and wb. Thats nice way to serve the people i can get c span 5, they statlite channel that has zero content except a picture of the ear spinning but cant get fox on satalite. ARRRRRRRG

Same reason cell phone have been out 20 years and only two years ago could you take your number with you.

I really really hate or lawmakers every year i get older i get more and more disgusted that they will fukc over millions of american for a few hundred grand of soft money.

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