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Default Internet.. you mean AT&T’inet… right?

Okay, well many of you have been hearing things about Net Neutrality , and the current telicomms trying to control what , when, and where you can access any content you want on the internet.

Here is a nicely put together video that helps explain what it Net Neutrality means.

here is a site also onthe topic,

Do you want Comcast, or AT&T telling you what you can or cannot look at?
Do you think they should force companies to pay higher rates to "ensure" that their webservices (mail,news, blogs, etc) and their sites "perform better" on the internet, which means, that companies can be essentially be muscled out and banished to lower bandwidth by a coalition of their competitors, as long as the competitors can come up with the money.

Dunno, i've been following the issue for a few months and it still amazes me that this hasn't been thrown out yet and how one sided the issue is.
Contact your representative and let them know how you feel about the issue.

Who knows one day if the telicos got their way, CC will have to pony up basically protection money to ensure that THIS site even can be accessed at a decent speed.
Independant press such as Bloggers will also be a group that will be cornered into pony'ing up more money so that they can be heard.
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