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Wink Had to sell my RZR...

no need for it anymore with the new RZR S in the garage

I made the mistake of going into Monroe Motorsports a few days back to get the paddle tires mounted on the wheels that I just got for my RZR, and it just so figures that there was a brand new RZR S sitting on the showroom screaming for me to take it

Well, after a few days of thinking it over, I made the decision to trade in my regular 08 RZR for an 09 RZR S.
I did take a little hit on the 08 because I owed more than what it was worth to the dealer, but the loss that I took wasn't as much as a new long travel kit that I wanted to buy for now I have a brand new machine with a warranty instead of the 08 with around 1000miles, no warranty, and a few issues (see, I can justify spending money like a pro...haha).

So here is the before:

08 RZR 800...

on the dunes:

and here is the new 09 RZR S the day I brought it home, looks just like everybody elses...

all loaded up on the trailer with the quads on the first dunes trip (last weekend)...

and how she sits right now...a little "un-modding", I wasn't a huge fan of the graphics that were on it, so that was the first thing to I bolted up the paddles and smoothies from DragonFireRacing.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MACHINE, I liked the old one...but I LOVE the S model....the long travel suspension, and H.O. motor make a really big difference, plus it has a better roll cage and stronger frame...which never hurts. Most of my riding is on the dunes, so the S is perfect for me. And the paddle tires make a HUGE difference, I could barely climb the big hills at the dunes with the old 26" terracross tires on the old RZR, and now with 2 people on the new one...I could stop at the bottom of the steepest hill and climb it without a problem. Did I mention that I LOVE this thing? :) After the first few rides on it at the dunes, I decided that some better seat belts were needed...something about hitting the whoops at 50+ mph with that stock seatbelt doesn't give you the best feeling, so I just ordered some 4pt harnesses from DragonFireRacing. I can't wait until the next trip to the sand, after a few hours on this...I'm considering selling the quads. It is so much smoother, and just as much if not more fun to ride.

Just thought I would share,

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