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Originally Posted by redline8300 View Post
Before the guy is drawn and quartered, is the land wet year round or is it only wet now? Is it really private or state land? Could this be a case of zealous enforcement? Before you pay the ticket make sure if you were on private land and if it was private get photos of where you were at. As to wet lands, is it truely wetlands or land that is only wet right now? Is it connected to a flowing stream? Get a copy of the guidelines from the DEQ and see if it qualifies as a true wet lands or only land that only the lowest land around and just holding water until it soaks into the ground.

Sorry it's Michigan your talking about, So Hydric soil is a wetland criteria that Mi uses....Hydric soil occurs when soil is kept moist for less than 2 weeks...
Opppsie, the whole State is a wet land according to DEQ
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