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Originally Posted by Rattler View Post
Good! They deserved it. There are enough other places there to go other than out in Maxton Plains.

Maxton Plains-

The 1,185-acre Maxton Plains Preserve, located on Drummond Island in Chippewa County, is arguably one of the world’s finest examples of alvar grassland-an area of vegetation that grows on a very thin soil layer over limestone bedrock. This area has examples of grasslands that have existed since the last glacier receded over 10,000 years ago. Alvar grasslands are among one of the rarest habitats in the world, and can only be found around the Great Lakes, the Baltic region of Europe and the islands along the coast of Sweden. This habitat hosts a unique mixture of arctic tundra and Great Plains prairie plant species. Among these are the prairie smoke, a spring bloomer, and Houghton’s goldenrod, which bloom just as the prairie grasses turn gold in the late summer sun. Little blue-stem grass and prairie dropseed grass also thrives in the sparse soil. This site attracts an array of birds, including such rare and threatened species as the upland sandpiper, osprey, northern harrier and as many as 160 other species of birds.

They should wait untill a dry fall and burn all of that swamp shit grass then tile everything so it never grows again...

Wetland = Shitland
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