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Originally Posted by Blackbeast2
Mexicans and Spanish people

Just a F.Y.I in the next five years the Latin population will out number any other minority. Roughly 70 percent are going to be illegal.

In the next 15 to 20 years. Latin's are supposed to be the number one majority of the people in the united state's period and supposed to make up around 65% to 70% of the entire u.s. population.

This came from a lecture at my college on Migration and population. It was hard for me to believe at first till I started my google search's.

At this rate by the time I have kids and they grow up were going to be having White history month..

last i heard spanish folks jsut barely were outnumbering blacks. The major minority groups are asains ( 13.5 million asians), blacks are approximately 12-13 % of us pop of 264 million, and spanish/latinos population is almost exact same as blacks approximatley 12-13 %

13 % black + 13 % spanish + 6 % asian = 32 %

that leaves a whole lot of white folks. Granted spanish tend to have larger families and blacks tend to have about 3-4 kids out of wedlock i dont see how white people will be outnumbered any time in the near future (60 years say)

there is no way latins will make up 65-70 % of the population. thats laughable. Your numbers saying spanish folkd out numbering blacks as largest minority i think off the top of my head that was around 2001 ish.

please post any links supporting this though i would like to know more.
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