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Default Need some help on a 88 F150

Ok, this truck has been in my family for about 7 years, the whole purpose of it was for only a plow truck. when we bought it, the transmission hasn't worked right (only gears are reverse, and 1st and 2nd).

Well, I don't have a truck, and would like one for when I need to haul stuff around. but I don't know what tranny will work in the truck (its a 5.8L 4x4, and I believe the tranny to be a c6, but I could be completely wrong)

I guess what I am asking is what can I get a tranny out of to shove in place (like can I make a 2wd tranny work, etc..)

also one other question..

I found a F-250 the same year that is a 5.8L 5 speed, and I was wondering if I could make the tranny out of that work (like I know the 5 speed will fit, but will I have to have the front and rear driveshafts cut down to fit?) or would I be better off just to say screw it and make the 8 lug axles and leaf springs fit into a original coil spring 5 lug truck. (it doesn't seem to hard, just have to make sure the axles are in the right position to start off with.)The truck will still be used a plow vehicle in the colder months of the year, but I would like to have something that I could play with a little and use as a tow vehicle.

any help or suggestions would be very helpful.
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