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Originally Posted by barry1me View Post
Great info, thanks. I like the 73-76 grill better then the 77-79. I assume you can just swap out a grill though!? Do the 250's bring more money then the 150's? Regarding condition of the truck what are different things to look at on the truck that are important to look at? IE...I know with Jeeps you want to look at the spring perchs on the frame, and stuff like that.
Yes you can swap the grill out if you like the style with the vertical bar in the center. 150's and 250's will run you pretty much the same price if the 250 has the dana 44 or the person selling it doesn't know how much a dana 60 front adds to the price of the truck. I did run into a guy at the parts store the other day that picked up a running 77 F250 with a 460 and a dana 60 frt/ dana 70 rear for $50. Good deals are out there so don't neccessarily buy the first one you come across. A good way to find a great deal is watch the areas you drive through most for truck that never seem to move. This is how that guy got a sweet truck for basically nothing.

My advice to you is to look for one at the very least that already has disc brakes up front. The front axles with drum brakes were also the closed knuckle design and are getting very hard to find/afford parts to repair them. My friend has a 73 250 with front drums and his seals around the pivot ball are always going out because of mud and sand getting into them. The newer disc brake axles are much simpler and just about any parts store can get every part you could ever need for them at a good price.
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