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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
Very good points. I mean why arrest criminals because then you have to defend them with a court appointed attorney and when they loose you have to send them to jail paid by state funds. . . why do all that when you could just harrass the working man? Very good plan you guys got.
That's right. I'm hoping to get an extra big Christmas bonus this year. We get extra "points" if we ticket people who are on unemployment benefits. That way the money stays in the state coffers.

We are now under orders from "the man" (who is a secret government person) to impound more vehicles so it costs the working man more money. In that regard, it is the hopes of this "secret government person" that they will use money that would normally go toward house and car payments to get the car out of impound. This will help "justify" the actions of the whole stimulus plan. Being the mindless robots that the police are we just salute and say "yes sir, Mister Secret Government Man!" and it gets done.

I can't wait to get back to work on Monday so I can count all the revenue from the weekend. I'm gonna buy more Jeep parts with my Christmas bonus!

I don't know how you guys figured this plan out. It must be because you are so smart. The liberal mind is a terrible thing to waste.

BTW Steveo, one thing I've always observed with people who are so far right is they can't see that they have actually moved over to the left with much of their thinking. You can only go so far to the right or left without meeting the other side. Liberals in disguise are worse than regular liberals.
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