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Originally Posted by XXXJ View Post
Let me recap for you. Mixon served time for ADW during a robbery. Goes to prison. A month after parole, takes up raping children. Then absconds on parole. Shoots two officers on a traffic stop, runs to his apartement where he ambushes two more.

Sounds more like a cycle of recidivism. The system enabling this polyp to return to society.
He was a predator that should have been put down long ago.

There, I took the bait.
Yes, I completely agree with you. He was a worthless piece of shit and for the sake of those officers and their families I wish someone would have "put him down" long ago.

But thats not the topic of conversation in this thread. The question at hand is why don't the people in the video clip who are marching and proclaiming him a hero agree with us. It's because for all this guys faults they hate the police more. And every time the police shot an unarmed person while handcuffing them, every time they punch a homeless person needlessly while handcuffing them, every time they beat up someone in a holding cell, these people hate the police more, and get more people to go along with them. The police can do a million things that are good, it doesn't matter, it's the one bad thing that will get noticed.

These people feel like they are oppressed by a tyrannical police force. Who here would not raise up against an oppressive, tyrannical police force? Anyone who says "not me" I would call "unAmerican". This country was founded by people who weren't afraid to speak out and fight against oppression and tyranny. If these people are so angry with the police that they think that killing 4 police officers is a good thing I think we need to take a deeper look at what is really going on there.
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