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Default "The Dirty Sanchez" CJ-7/42's +1 tons

Well I guess I finally put my junk out here for everyone to talk sh!t about I wasnt going to do a build thread on this thing cause I figured I would never have time to update things as I went. But since its taking me a forever to get this thing back on its feet, figured what the hell. Besides there are probably a few people wondering if I was just buying parts there for a while to re-sell them.

The CJ was put together about five years ago, and has been a very reliable rig, but last year at Silver Lake I jumped Test Hill, and ummm well you all know how this story ends.

So, with all the crying and frustrations out of the way figured I'd step up and build a rig that I've always wanted. You know the one with giant tires, coilovers, beadlocks, and all that good stuff.

Ive changed directions on this thing four or five times since October of 08'. I think I have a pretty good game plan now, so we'll see what happens. My plans for the Dirty Sanchez are:
GM Dana 60 front axle - 5:13's w/Detroit
14 bolt rear - 5:13's w/spool
Four linked front and rear w/ coilovers front, and TJ coils for the rear.
Atlas 2peed case with 4.3:1
350 EFI, w/350TH trans
Full hydro steering
Hydro boost, and rear disk brakes
Recentered H1's w/42" Swampers

Thats just a few things. I'm going to throw a bunch of pics in order of the things I've been messin with for a while. Hope you enjoy my horrific world of alcohol abuse and fits of rage. Some of these post will includes rants and rather obscure ramblings, so please bare with me, I often have to run to Office Max to replace the keyboard of my PC.

This is what the old girl used to look like before I destroyed it mines the baby puke green one. The silver one is Jeepinjz's.

This is after. Ya I know it does'nt look that bad, but it was tore up inderneath. Damn near ripped the front axle out from under it, bent the springs, frame, roll cage and broke the trans in half. By far the worst part was having all that trans fluid pouring all over you, and then all the sand. talk about being tarred and featherd. Unclebeaner was kind enough to give me the shirt off his back to clear the goo from face. ya that doesnt sound good, but hey thats how it happened.

So after countless hours of binge drinking, and smoking cigars I figured it was time to cut some stuff up. And what better way to take your frustrations out, than cutting your frame in half

This was my first step of going over the deep end. Ya I know I should have just built a frame If I had a hooker every time I heard that, well I'd be a happy man. No seriously though, I know working with the CJ frame seems to be a waste of time. There too narrow, there too thin, there too weak, blah blah blah blah blah. I looked for a YJ frome but I'm not spendin money on a frame when I can use that money to buy BEER Are you noticing a trend here. Alright well thats it for now, before my computer crash's and I loose an hour's worth of typing and pics. I'll post some wheel and tire pics later, I'm thirsty
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