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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
well, i wasn't having this problem until i added that coolant, so if there is another problem causing this leak, I want to fix that before I just replace the radiator, because the same thing could end up happening to the new radiator, you know. So, can anybody explain why it only is pushing fluid out when it is cold, but after it warms up it stops?
Dude nothing is going to cause a Radiator to leak but a crack or hole in the Radiator it's self. Just because you added coolent does not mean thats what caused it, it was just time to start leaking is all. As far as just leaking when it is cold well when things get hot they expand and maybe it expands enough to seal? Either way if you know for sure your leak is coming from the radiator just do yourself a huge solid and buy yourself a new one and call it a day...I guarantee if you put a new one in it wont leak and there is no bypass valves or any other crap that will cause your new one to leak.
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