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wow, so its that time again. Can we say rebuild? Very soon my TJ will get taken off the road, stripped naked and preped for the next round of mods, heres a sneak peak of things to come:

quick run down: 4 link front(hopefully extend front axle 2-3"), 4 link rear using poly rear brackets and their rear truss, run Genright's high tube fenders, extended length rocker guards, and rear strech corners that will be trimmed to fit 39's-42's. As im doing that im going to modify my rear frame and move my rear bumper up to just below the rear tailgate. Ill be installing a Stak Replace-a-cast D300 and a Northwest Fab black box. Axles and wheels will be gone through and cleaned up. I finally plan on getting a full roll cage built that will incorperate a rack to protect the hardtop(mini exo cage), get some nice seats and build a custom center counsol and rear storage compartment. Later this summer, money provided ill build a 5.0 I6 stroker motor and a nv3550 trans.

Things that are still in the air: what fuel tank to run. I dont like the idea of spending $900 on genrights rear tank, so once the rear suspension is in place where i want it ill have to see what my options are. I thinking one of these reworked might fit the bill

Im waiting on my fathers car to get trans work done before i tear this thing apart, and sell off parts i no longer need. Parts are starting to get ordered, so with luck work will start later this month or the beginning next.
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