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Two entirely different animals.

If you have the chance to do trail maint. elsewhere on some of the miles GLFWDA maintains you will notice that not all of our granted ORV routes have trash on them. And if they did it would not be a significant enough amount to be considered an "adopt a forest" situation. Also, the contract we have through the ORV program pays a certain amount per mile of route and or trail for specific work. Trying to figure in a trash pickup into that equation is best left alone. Especially when we pick it up for free.

North Branch route would be a good example of this. Our club, Tri-City Trailriders does this 26 mile ORV route and we seldom come accross anything other than an occasional beer can or fast food wrapper. However we have a ton of downed signs in the spring as this route is also a snowmobile trail and the groomers can accidently take down signs and their posts. This leaves us with a busy day just trying to get through it in a timely manner.

I know what your trying to say but with the breuracracy that is government, you can only imagine the choas that would involve. The DNR does have proper chanels to go through for the Adopt A Forest program, in which, not just the ORV routes or trails would be involved but rather a section of forest gets the attention and is devided as such. This has no funds attached to it with the exception of what the Department would have to lay out for a collection container near the cleanup site.

Some of our miles also only have a small amount of members that do the work. This leaves very little time to focus on anything but the task at hand. It is imperative that the signage and brushing be done to spec as they get inspected and if not done properly could result in injury to a user and litigation could follow. The grantee would be on the sorry end of this one. So needless to say it is in the best interest of the Assoc. to stay on task and if the situation allows, by all means do what you can do to leave it better than it was found.
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