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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Maybe I can help with clarifying. When we are doing trail maintenance for the DNR, the contractual requirement is to brush the trails to the proper width, be sure there are no trees across the trails, be sure that all signs are visible, including confidence markers and stop signs and finally replace any missing signs. This is what the DNR pays us to do.

Now, common sense says that when we run across trash along the trail that we pick it up. But what Pat was saying is that isn't what the DNR is expecting us to do. That help?

Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
Jim hit it the nail on the head. When I said we are not there to pick up trash and we are on our own, what I meant was the DNR does not have a set plan in place to accomodate the trash we ALWAYS pickup during trail maintanence. And your correct Jacob, we do more trash pickup than actual signage and brushing. Nature of the beast I guess.

I think some of the confusion comes from the term "trail cleanup" versus "trail maintanence"

Trail cleanup is something like what the Two trackers are doing or what the post above mentioned. This can be organized through the DNR or USFS as Adopt A Forest or the like.

Trail Maintanence on the other hand is a contractual agreement between the grantor and the grantee. In this case GLFWDA is the grantee and the DNR ORV program is the grantor. The funds for trail maint. come from the sales of the ORV sticker and the contract is for the brushing, in our case 72" wide, and for the signage required under the contract. While we are there it would be highly irresponsible not to pick up trash.

I know that these two are entirely different endeavors, they do both share the same enviromental responsibility of packing out what we pack in, even though we are not the ones who originally packed it in. It begs the question, who are the real enviromentalist? I believe that would be the outdoorsman or woman.
Thanks both of you for the clarification. I know I never knew there was a distinguishable difference between the two until Ryan (Kixx007) invited us along to the SoFO maintenance. I thought it was a cleanup and brought my trailer along. We all worked at picking up stuff and never even thought about how we would get rid of it (thinking there was a dumpster at the DNR station) We ended up with a couple trucks, and my trailer full.

I guess what I was trying to say (and it's not our fault sounds like a DNR thing) is why even have that distinction? (Philosophically) The maintenance is far less work IMO - at least for the sections of trail we did, You would think they would be pushing getting that trash out at the same time.
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