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3-4 is going to be a little tough for not alot of $$$. Though there is a way.

Front - simple torsion bar crank, good for about 1.5", but can be made higher, generally past 1.5" and it gets a little stiff for most and has a tendency to "top-out" (as best I can put it) as opposed to "bottoming-out". You might be able to get 2" out of it though. 1.5" and under, almost no one has complaints.

Rear - 1) Shackle lift. Essentialy a 2" Chevy drop shackle flipped over, since Rangers hangars are backwards from chevy's. Roughly 1" lift total, and the spring will be happier and ride a little nicer. 2) Explorer rear leaf springs. These will net about 1" - 1.5". All these need to work is the center bolt flipped over. Explorers are SUA and Rangers are SOA. The only real difference in the springs is the explorers have a bit more arc.

Then to get the last little bit, a 1" Body lift. You could do 2" but it may start to get that "body lifted look", which I think looks terrible. But 1" should be able to be made relatively unnoticeable, relatively cheaply, and shouldn't require too much modification otherwise.

This would net roughly 3" overall and should be able to fit 33"s nicely, but not far enough that 31's look like they still should be under there.

That is by far the cheapest option to get that amount of lift.

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