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Originally Posted by special k View Post
check the compression on it for shits and giggles. i wanna say it should be around 90 psi on both cylinders, i think thats what my 06 is. also like stated before, if any mods are done, make sure you find out everything, and ask what jetting is it it, and wat temps and altitueds it is jetted for to get an idea of what changes may need to be made.
x2 on the compression check, but it should be about 130 psi per cylinder, not 90. if it has high compression domes ie: a cool head it will be higher, make sure both cylinders are the same (or close ) for $1000 if it runs and drives your good on the price, but from the way it sounds you dont know alot about working on stuff, so i would buy this and either sell it or trade it for a reliable four stroke machine for less maintence and easier turn key operation. just my .02
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