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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
It will probably be a wash: higher compression ratio improves combustion efficiency, however, you will probably have to run less spark. Spark timing, depending where you are on the MBT curve, is more potent than compression ratio.

I would rather have an engine I could run midgrade in and run a bit more advance than a high compression motor that I had to pull spark out of to run without detonating. Besides, you're young and don't have tons of money - you'll cheap on fuel when you're broke and running regular unleaded in a mild engine is better than on something with so much compression.
SO just tell the builder I want to run on Midgrade. What compression should I shoot for?

Originally Posted by Plato2k5 View Post
AJ, you need to do SOME research before pulling a number out of your ass and expecting to get that type of power from just shaving the heads.

To make that kind of power you need a combination of parts as stated above. Pistons are needed to net the type of compression you want in combination with shaving the heads....also different thickness head gaskets. You'd have to have work done to the heads so they flow better (port and polish), bigger valves, etc... and also the type of cam.

Just for reference, my mopar 360 has flat top pistons, I'm somewhere around 10:1 compression, heads are port and polished, and i have a mild cam.... I'm NOWHERE near 450hp. I'd be lucky to have 300hp at the crank.

Also what engine is this? Please tell me its not the 305.....

Oh and if you shave the heads to much, you'll have to get your intake shaved down as well, otherwise it will not fit.
No its a 1970 LT1 4 bolt 350 bored to 355 out of a 70's vette with:

TRW 174 Comp Cam .468 Lift.
Flat top pistons with ears cut for valve clearance.
Edelbrock RPM performer Intake
Edelbrock 650 carb.
MSD Coil
Heads are cast # 462624 (
Not sure on wether or not there ported or polished. It does look like someone tried to open up the exhaust ports with a dremel or something. But I don't know.

Thats all I know of that it has.
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