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Originally Posted by SKIP
Yetti's point was 1 ton dually axles...

Not actually running a fullsize dually "truck" down the trail. Only it's axles under your "insert desired vehicle here".

At least that's the way I interpreted it.

Yetti, is this what you meant?
I see it a couple of different ways. the state has the opertunity to open up 25% more trail by 2008, if we lobby hard NOW we have very good chance of getting the improved sized routes. if you guys sit in the forums and bicth about it then not much will ever happen. we saw a full room at the orv board meeting last time, but we need the board to see there are thousands of us, not a few hundred.
if we shoot for 96" trails the state will say we don't want them that wide, how about 84"? then we can have enough room for the average vehicle. when you add giant tires and bushwacker fender extensions the vehicle grows wider. its just a matter of making your wants known to the state.
Brewmenn knows the one letter that made it to the meeting about the lady who lost a 9 year old to a dirt bike accident. ONE letter almost got the state to pitch a change in legislation, but in the end they deamed the laws were fine they way they were. so don't think your letters go un answered or they don't get looked at, be mindful of what you want and don't make a letter sound like your a disgruntled user, make it short and to the point.
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